High Fives to Hillary and Rachel

3:24pm January 14, 2009
Boltbus from Boston to NYC

While 2009 may mark the year of the Ox in China, for us at SHE in NYC/Rwanda, it's the month of Hillary and Rachel. Hillary and Rachel? Hmmmm...never heard of them....are they a new comedy act? Do they have that MTV reality show with that guy who used to be Pee Wee Herman? We're talking about Hillary, as in Hillary Clinton. And Rachel, as in Rachel Strohm. Find out why they are our first honorary members of SHE's 28 Day Club!

Hillary: At today's hearing for approval for Secretary of State, Hillary told us the truth about poverty.

“Of particular concern to me,” she said, “is the plight of women and girls, who comprise the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unschooled, unfed and unpaid.”

Goldman Sachs' report underlines the urgency to address this by arguing if we invest in girls' education (including the availability of affordable sanitary pads), we invest in the economic growth of our nations.

Rachel: SHE is full steam ahead in researching and developing an affordable sanitary pad for the girls and women Hillary is talking about. To do this, scientists at MIT, NCState, and KIST are experimenting away. But where do they get their materials to test considering SHE is using materials locally found in our pilot country of Rwanda? I'd like you all to high five Rachel, a social entrepreneurial star, who makes things happen...even if it involves large suitcases, international transport, and bizarre facial expressions at customs!

Way to work it, Hillary and Rachel, the first honorary members of SHE's 28 Day Club!