Achievement - The First Link in our Banana Fiber Supply Chain!

It has been great visiting the banana coops in the eastern province to discuss the opportunity to become one of SHE’s business partners. The SHE Rwanda business development team has been visiting banana co-ops across East Africa to introduce them to our innovative product, the SHE LaunchPad, and to invite them to become one of SHE’s banana fiber suppliers. 

Farmers rarely use pseudostems of banana trees except as fertilizer. We at SHE, however, have been showing them that what was once considered “agro-waste” has a more efficient, and biodegradable use as the raw material in our sanitary pads. 

We returned to one co-op we have visited in Eastern Rwanda that was excited about our innovation. We returned with the goal of signing them up as one of our suppliers. After discussion and negotiations, the co-op agreed on our proposed price and supply amount. This was a great ACHIEVEMENT for the SHE team and the co-op! We are officially in business with banana fiber suppliers!

Juliet (at left) and SHE COO, Rwanda Julian (3rd from left) with the co-op members
Over the next six months, we will be working closely with this co-op as we show them how to use a banana fiber extraction machine and evaluate their production output as we move into our pilot industrial-scale phase.

Juliet B.

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Rajkumar Elayaperumal said...

Interesting that you are using the agro waste in a useful method to develop products and banana suppliers will be gained by this type of innovative process.