NYTimes' Kristof Joins the SHE Team!

New York Times
May 6, 2009

Nicholas Kristof went where many do not once again when he talks about girls' absence from school because of menstruation and what SHE is doing about it. Check it out!



Anonymous said...

The first article I read this morning is Mr. Kristof's. He is so good at addressing issues that others rarely approach.

My amazement is that I never gave any thought to this issue of sanitary napkins in other countries. I can remember, as a young teen the feelings of embarrassment involved in just letting my mother know that I needed another box. How much more difficult if there is nothing available?
Never mind the social attitudes and beliefs in other areas of the world (and probably in some of our country).

Anonymous said...

Way to go Jersey girl!! I have been following your adventures very closely. I am rooting for "SHE". Have you thought of using this service as an important entry point for SRH education and/or services?? Cheers, the other "Jersey Girl" (let's talk sometimes!)