Leapfrogging with our phones!

February 1, 2010
Kigali, Rwanda

Hey folks,

Best Weekend wishes from Rwanda.(I know mine was great!It was my sisters Bday on Saturday and my brother's on Sunday, and Heroes Day is today in Rwanda! Never could ask for a better Weekend!)

You will not believe one of the best developments that is happening to SHE, one of the Mobile tech services, MTN, has launched money mobile services in Rwanda (hopefully in the region too), this is something that will enable the local population to send and receive money at an affordable cost, presently , one can only send/receive money through the traditional way, biggest percentage (having to get one to carry the cash, if they are going to a destination where you want the money taken) sending through the local bus services-which has also become expensive, bank transfer or the international courier services which are affordable by a few. MTN promises to beat these both in the number of services offered and cost.

We at SHE, hope to use this with our Community Health Workers being able to receive and send money in the sanitary pad sales and distribution, since they are based in remote areas where the aforementioned services do not exist, but MTN service centres exist.

Watch US.


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