Election Day!

August 9, 2010
Kigali, Rwanda

Greetings to you all and welcome you back to this page, with the latest in the SHE political world. By the way, no business is without politics, unfortunately this revelation just came to me!!! and the reason for which am saying this is because i have taken leave from office (not that i did not need vacation), thanks to the presidential campaigns keeping all Rwandese on our toes, less work and more campaigning for presidential hopefuls.

However, the exception to this campaign is that no candidate is pulling the other down as it is in all campaigns i have seen, all the candidates are talking about their manifestos and what they are willing to do for the people of Rwanda. It's really about keeping the people together and not who is better than who, which makes this a unique one, am yet to analyze the reasons why this is so, might be a trend all future campaigns want to take-- BE AWARE OF RWANDA, THE TREND SETTER. HERE WE COME!!!

The campaign is a heated one, with mammouths of crowds pulling up behind their respective candidates, and thanks to the empowerment of women, we have a woman senator running for presidency, talk about Trend Setters!!! Ears and yes eyes are wide open to promises of increasing teachers salaries, a factor that has remained hitherto uncommon to most African teachers, so when one declares that teachers salaries will increase,and by how much by the way? Not sure, let's wait and see as I stand in awe!

This Monday, we all go to the polls, to choose our next president and trust us to choose wisely. So if you want to stay in business,promote health and sustainable development, please be with us that we use this opportunity to show the world that we can set trends even unknown to us. Meantime i will be enjoying my vacation,lying somewhere on a beach and reading some book and magazines! Wish me luck!

Julian, SHE COO

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