SHE Golfs is a Hole in One!

The SHE team includes more than our staff and our partners - it's also includes you. SHE depends on you to spread awareness of our SHE28 campaign and are grateful when individuals or groups make a commitment to promote SHE in their networks and communities by hosting a SHE Soiree. Two high school students, Thomas Schmedding and Lena McCord, recently organized a "SHE Golfs" tournament and raised over $2,000 on our behalf! 
Learn more about the event from Thomas and Lena, two awesome SHE trailblazers we are grateful to have part of our team!

"The golf tournament occurred on a beautiful December day at Wildwood Green Golf Club in Raleigh, NC. This was our first project of this magnitude and we weren't sure what to expect, but we went into it with an open mind. After receiving sponsorships from Nomacorc LLC, Red Wolf LLC, and the international health organization, Futures Group, we decided to promote our tournament throughout the local media. We received write-ups in several area newspapers, as well as a PSA on Duke University's radio station. Lena and I decided to offer the tournament at a relatively inexpensive $28 per person. We did this to coincide with the SHE28 promotional campaign. The event received 64 registrations, alongside many small donations from our friends and families. 

As students who place a lot of emphasis on marketing and customer satisfaction, we believed that it was a necessity to provide our players with a welcoming environment. Throughout the course, we set up many golf-style games including a hockey stick putting contest and a longest drive competition. Upon the conclusion of the tournament, we offered lunch and awards to those participating in the tournament. To date, our efforts have raised $2080 for Sustainable Health Enterprises. We hope to grow that number over the coming months as we continue to promote this organization."

Thanks again Thomas, Lena, and all those who participated in SHE Golfs! If you want to host a SHE Soiree, contact us and let us know how we can help you host an equally successful event!

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