Welcome Julian Kayibanda, SHE's New COO!

July 30, 2009
Kigali, Rwanda

Hold onto your feathered hats--Julian Kayibanda is SHE's new Chief Operations Officer, running the show in Rwanda. She will lead the continued roll-out of the SHE pilot which consists of health and hygiene education and establishment of businesses to distribute (and eventually manufacture) affordable sanitary pads.

Julian, who is also known as "Sweet," is a sharp, personable, and savvy woman of the world. She is Rwandan, grew up in Kenya, and studied in India. And if you think you are going to talk about her behind her back, think again--she knows English, Swahili, Kinyarwanda (Rwandan language), Rutoro, Luganda (Ugandan language), French, Hindi, and Kannada (Indian languages). Yes, I said Kannada! She brings a wealth of operational experience to SHE and passion for our mission. Watch this space as Julian takes the pad and runs with it!

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