Red Light to the Red Tide?

Hey people,

I have been thinking to myself, "would i stop menstruation if i could?" Aside of the fact that EMS would kill me for sabotage (she has been working on SHE and how dare i come up with this idea? ).

So now am thinking, if I could I would because it's totally not fun to look forward to periodical stress (some women have serious aches due menstruation), and so it's just uncomfortable. By the way, I read somewhere that in the old days, women never got out of bed during menstruation,PERIOD. So why would I not stop this if I could? It would make our lives better and comfy; however; on second thought, menstruation makes women special in every way: reproduction and staff, etc........... So to you all out there, what do you think?

Would you stop menstruation if you could?



Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd stop it, if I felt that there wouldn't be any health or reproductive issues for me later on. Then again, it is a free pregnancy test every month so hmmm...guess I don't know now.


Anonymous said...

No! After the monthly pre-menstrual stress/tension/migraines/bloating, comes the amazing sense of clarity/renewal/lightness once it starts. I wouldn't stop it. It's such a part of me now and I am somewhat attached to it ... sound weird? But it is nice to have it on hold during pregnancy and nursing ...Sahana