SHE Culture Guide: Is it Touchy Feely Optional or Hard Core Vital for an Entrepreneur?

August 6, 2009
Kigali, Rwanda

Never one to dig following rules or embracing “protocol” (I was late to high school 43 times my senior year), I was surprised when I found myself on Monday talking with Julian, our new SHE COO, about that exactly. So why did I change the radio station? I’ve realized that organizational culture and initiating it early can heavily influence the probability of success as an entrepreneur whether success is financial returns, social returns, or just plain, work quality of life.

Rules, protocol, or a “cultural guide” as I am going to call it, are not so important if everyone is homogenous. But who wants to work with such a group? I’m a firm believer that better decisions are made if people come to the table with different experiences, skills, talents, and points of view. But there must be a common unifying thread among all such as the enterprise’s and employees’ mission, a respectful work environment, oh jeez, and dare I say a cell phone/blackberry etiquette? Don’t worry I am making sure I include another essential: fun.

Fun: All employees must have some.

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