J, J + M, oh yeah--SHE is Growing!!

Kigali, Rwanda
August 20, 2011

The SHE Rwanda team is proud to announce that we now have our own office! With Internet! Currently the walls are bare, so
we welcome any decorating tips. In addition, the SHE Rwanda team recently acquired two new employees and welcomed back
our lovely intern. These three employees will be updating the blog every week, so we invite you to get to know them:

Hello team, I am Justine Muteteri. Very soon I will be a graduate from the School of Finance and Banking (SFB) in the Finance
Department. I started working with SHE as a volunteer in monitoring and evaluation. I have just completed the internship,
where I worked on the following assignments: petty cash management, a document about SHE for new employees, and the
money transfer methods. I presented to SHE at the end of my internship. Let’s share ideas for the next 12 months!

My name is Juliet Busingye. I completed a Bachelors of Business Information Technology (BBIT) at Mount Kenya University. I
have worked with the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Rwanda as an intern in database development and
mentoring programs. As a young leader in 2008, I served as president of the Student Government Association in Generation
Rwanda (GR), which is an organization that provides university scholarships. I also traveled to the USA on a fund raising trip for
GR, where I went to places like New York, Boston, Washington DC, and California giving speeches about my future dreams and
my nation. I first worked for SHE several years ago doing research, so I am now very excited to be part of the SHE team as a
Global Health Corps Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow. You will be hearing from me for the next 12 months.

My name is Megan Strickland, and three weeks ago I joined the SHE team as a Global Health Corps (GHC) Fellow. For the next
year, I will be working alongside Juliet, my friend and GHC co-fellow, and the rest of the SHE team on everything from
monitoring and evaluation, supply chain management, and market research. I moved to Rwanda from the United States earlier
this month and am happily settling into my new life here. I recently graduated from the Public Policy Department at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For my honors thesis I did a case study analysis of different business strategies in the coffee and honey sectors of Rwanda. I traveled all over the country talking to farmers, beekeepers, factory workers, and senior managers. The wisdom I gleaned from my interview subjects convinced me that SHE’s market-based approach to promoting health equity is the key to successful development. I hope that my experience doing research in Rwanda prepared me for some of my duties at SHE, but I know that I still have A LOT of learning ahead of me (for example, learning Kinyarwanda and improving my French). You will be hearing from me every few weeks over the course of the next year. I look forward to sharing with you all!

Thank you for keeping in touch!

--Juliet, Justine, and Megan


amy : ) said...

congrats on the new office! you could hang up pictures of past and current employees/interns or even the women you work with. A wall of SHE women!

I'm looking forward to reading the blog for more updates about the work in Rwanda!

Megan Strickland said...

I loved reading your decorating tips, Amy. Sadly, we still have blank walls here in the SHE office. Maybe I should add decorating to this week's work plan...