Meet SHE's Youth Intern: Sky Swanson

Hometown: I am from New York City but I grew up in Europe; I'm currently living in London. 

What are you working on? For SHE, I am currently editing videos of an interview taken in Rwanda and sifting through photos. I am also putting together my photos and journal entries for a generational project of Rwandan girls experiences regarding menstruation. Being in high school, I am spending the rest my summer studying for the SAT's, training for tennis tournaments and learning to drive! 

What superpower would you have? I would be a super genius, as every problem would be instantly solvable. 

Who is your favorite tennis player? Federer! His grace, power and resilience are inspiring.

What was one of your most memorable experiences while in Rwanda this summer? Shaking my hips, stretching and laughing with a dozen girls, as a break from our discussion about menstruation! 

What was the last song that played on your iPod/iPhone/iPad? Heroes by David Bowie

Why did you join SHE? Women and girls across the world cannot reach their full potential because of something as simple as access to sanitary pads. When I discovered this, I was angered but motivated to do something. SHE is doing such an incredible job towards solving a problem which limits women in so many ways. I love the issue because it is personal, important and solvable; I love SHE because of the difference it will continue to make in Rwanda. 

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terrific work! SHE rocks!