Building our Supply Chain in Rwanda

Since I joined the SHE team, I have been actively contributing to multiple brainstorming sessions to determine the best way to secure our banana suppliers. First, my colleague Juliet and I have been developing a six-month work plan that sets out our priorities and the deadlines for each activity we need to do to achieve our overall milestones.

We have three priorities to achieve in the next three months:
(1) Supply chain: We will be meeting frequently with local farmers to negotiate and secure long-term contracts with banana fiber suppliers.
(2) Market research: Continue to develop our different value proposition to our target market segments.
(3) Distribution channel: Developing the best strategy to deliver our product and services to local girls and women.

Sylvere (4th from left) with local leaders and farmers in Eastern Rwanda
I am looking forward to connecting with local authorities and farmers throughout the eastern region of Rwanda to get a deeper insight on how SHE can best partner with the local communities so we can optimize a banana fiber supply chain that beneficial for all parties.
Sylvere Mwizerwa
Junior Business Development Officer

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