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Seeing Red - Menstrual Health and Hygiene
  • Our SHE28 initiative focuses on breaking the taboos around menstruation via education, advocacy, and business development in order to unleash economic and social changes in emerging markets. This article highlights the impact of not addressing the silent issue of menstruation: http://bit.ly/x6DSoz
  • SHE launched its “Breaking the Silence” campaign in 2010 in Rwanda to break the taboos around menstruation and bring it to the forefront among girls and women, and also men and boys. The movement is catching on in other countries, and this report summarizes the discussion around Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in South Africa: http://bit.ly/ICkByd
  • A study published in the Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health among adolescent girls in India revealed a startling lack of knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene practices: http://bit.ly/IkjqaF
  • The New York Times also highlights how the onset of menstruation can be the end of the road for many schoolgirls in rural India due to the lack of MHM education and access for adolescent girls in India: http://nyti.ms/IwRekq

Other Relevant Articles
  • Read an interesting take on the history of social enterprise: http://bit.ly/yBS3oY
  • Water for the People’s CEO Ned Breslin argues that poverty should not be the way to promote the cause, but rather the successes that have been seen when you implement outcomes-based programming: http://bit.ly/GGdMR8
  • Does the list of calories on the McDonald’s menu make you re-think ordering a Big Mac? This Economist article explores the “nudge theory,” the art of gentle manipulation by marketers and policymakers so we can make the right choice despite ourselves. http://econ.st/xvoEKb

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