A New Class of Women Entrepreneurs

Hey there!

I have been with SHE for 3 weeks, and I wanted to share with you what I have learned so far as a new instigator on Team SHE. The first day, I was curious to know everything about  SHE, and had plenty of questions to ask to everyone. I appreciate the way everyone helped me to find my place within SHE.

Recently, I attended the graduation ceremony of 32 women entrepreneurs, part of the Goldman Sachs' 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Certificate Program, listening  to their testimonies was inspiring.They were smart ladies owning their businesses and able to bring up their children without depending on their husbands or begging .they told us before attending the program they had trouble differenciating income &expenses, and managing their employees etc., They also promised as to not disappoint us in future, and that they will do their best to expand what they have already.

Lastly, I learned more about the cultural beliefs and taboos associated with menstruation. I am excited to lead my first focus group discussion soon, and to dig deeper into the mindset of our target customers. I can’t wait to meet these young ladies soon!

- Gerardine, Junior Marketing Officer, Rwanda

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