Flashing Lights - Press Day for Cartier's Women Initiative Awards

The SHE team  recently entered The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards and out of over 200 submissions, we are one of 3 finalists in the sub-Saharan region.  Needless to say, I’m beyond thrilled!

All the finalists recently had to go on a press conference in Johannesburg, South  Africa where we met with the Sub-Saharan regional jury, press from around the region and the other 2 finalists in our category. 

I was not only impressed by the press buzz going on around us 3 finalists, since that is what the press are paid to do and thank God for their expertise, but also by meeting great women out there rolling their heads in all corners trying to figure out Africa’s next best solutions - from South Africa's PUO founder to Kenya’s co-founder of Sanergy to us at the SHE corridors, in addition to the other women in attendance. All off these women have great success stories to share - as journalists, or mentors, or export market developers. 

I thought to myself "If men can get a sabbatical for one year, and the women are put in charge, one can only imagine the amount of change we women will be able to accomplish."

Follow our journey from press week to the Award week in Deauville, France in October, where the winners will be announced! 

- Julian, SHE COO, Rwanda


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