Muraho to SHE's Advocacy and Policy Manager Jackline Mupenzi!

Hello SHE supporters out there!!

It is amazing to know and think that there is someone, somewhere, who took time to transform an idea into a reality that will have a positive impact on generations and generations. I am grateful to my colleague, and Founder of SHE, Elizabeth Scharpf, and the entire senior management team.

I would also like to send my regards to all of you and say that I am delighted to be a part of SHE, and its approach to bring a change through society on behalf of those who cannot do it for themselves. There is a saying, which goes like “Communicate better, lead better.” There is no doubt that the most successful people are good communicators and during the few days in ‘SHE’ I am trying to figure out the best way that I can share my attributes for different purposes such as influencing, persuading, informing with a target of addressing girls' and women's lack of access to affordable menstrual pads leading to missed school and/or work, and potentially harmful health.

During my years of working in different government organizations, the procedure that I was used to was the “downward” flow of information whereby instructions on whatever tasks were initiated by the top management then passed all the way down to the technicians. Although this system works, if you find out the reason why most projects fail, it’s because we do not involve the technicians or the lower level management in the project design process. That’s not the same here at SHE with its well organized and challenging way of doing things which requires each of us to set the vision for our role and then to receive feedback from the entire team members to capture any new ideas.   Honestly speaking, this is the best practice, which is kind of challenging, but is really great because it creates a spirit of innovation, creativity and above all, accountability when it comes to our tasks, especially during the implementation process.

In brief, I thank my new colleagues here in Rwanda, Julian, SHE COO in Rwanda, and also Sylvere and Gerardine for their warm welcome to the team and ideas.

Mupenzi Fesi Jackline ( Jackie)
Advocacy and Policy manager

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