St. Timothy's Visits SHE in NYC!

Editor's Note: SHE loves spreading awareness about the SHE28 campaign and we love it even better when the audience comes to us. Students from the St. Timothy's school in Baltimore visited the SHE offices in NYC. Ali Sugarman, a junior, writes about her time at SHE.

On Tuesday, March 12th, my 11th grade class came to New York to visit Elizabeth and Connie in the SHE's offices in Soho. Little did we know that behind the walls of an office building is an incredible effort to make sustainable sanitary pads affordable for all. 
Founder Elizabeth Scharpf describes the SHE28 campaign 

St. Timothy's students watch the SHE28 campaign video

After our class learned all about the lack of affordable sanitary pads in Rwanda from Elizabeth, we were challenged by the SHE team to create a marketing campaign using viral marketing tactics that would be both low cost and efficient. 

Brainstorming how to make the SHE28 campaign video viral

Ali presenting her 1-minute pitch to her classmates and SHE Team

The ideas behind these viral campaigns were cool and creative. Maybe you'll see some of them used for SHE campaigns in the future - I love the idea of designing of designing  a maxi-pad dress! Thank you to Elizabeth and Connie for hosting us, it was a great morning. PERIOD.

- Ali