If we can dispense milk in Kigali, why not pads?

Gerardine getting a fresh cup of milk!
Milk dispensers have finally arrived in Kigali and people are enjoying fresh milk at an affordable price. For a coin of 100rwf (15 US cents), you can quench your thirst and carry on with your activities with a smile on your face if you like milk as I do.

My colleague and I were returning back to the office after a ride on a sunny day in Kigali, when our attention was pulled to a queue of motorcyclists standing  before a milk dispenser. They were so many of them throwing one coin one after another for fresh milk that we couldn't help to see that wonder. Indeed it was a wonder! We even served ourselves to a glass of milk!

This gave me an idea - how can we bring a pad dispenser to Kigali?

With just a coin of 100 RWF, you can be fresh and dry while menstruating when you need it!

We have been breaking silence around menstruation, we opened discussions between girls and boys on menstruation, and we are about to launch affordable sanitary pads!

- Gerardine, Junior Marketing Officer