Is the growing number of entrepreneurs providing sustainable solutions?

Note from Julian Kayibanda, SHE's Chief of Operations, Rwanda:

I get encouraged by the increasingly growing interest in investing in entrepreneurs. However, the question that comes to my mind is "Are the growing number of enterprises an indication that the world’s problems are finally getting lasting and sustainable solutions?" I am not sure, but let’s keep our eyes to the ground.

In Kigali, Rwanda yesterday, the Minister of Commerce and Industry hosted a two-day workshop titled "Growing SME’s" The workshop has been organized by BidNetWork (, in collaboration with JCI Rwanda. I managed to follow the workshop online as there seemed to be interesting sessions on topics such as "Impact investing, not just about the 'buck'", agribusiness financing, and business financing through value chain.

My take away is that while there is a lot of growing interest in entrepreneurship and great entrepreneurs out there, there is still a lot to be desired in the type of vision of many of these new entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we must have a clear vision of where we want our businesses to be (like Eric Kacou said’ vision has to be as clear as the Virunga mountains, for those of you who have had a chance to visit the Rwanda Mountain Goriilas), so we do not lose track along the way and fail. When we lose vision, we also are not able to get funders on board with us. I think most entrepreneurs worry about the following: time, money, management and procedures. However, I think we need to get out of the survival trap.

Julian Kayibanda

SHE, Chief of Operations

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