Lydia Singerman, Global SHE Intern, Speaks out about SHE!

Just to give a little background, I am a current junior at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine who hails from NYC. I am a Gender and Women’s Studies major and Chemistry minor. I love hiking, swimming, reading, biking, running, and listening to music (Mumford and Sons and Florence and the Machine are some of my favorites right now). Last semester I studied abroad at the University of Ghana; while abroad I took classes (West African dance and drumming), traveled across the country (as well as to Togo and South Africa), and volunteered at a local orphanage.

Since my return from Ghana, I have worked with CeCe (shown at right), SHE's COO, Global, and Elizabeth, SHE’s CIO and Founder, on a variety of projects. Every Thursday, I walk, bike, or hike through the snow to CeCe’s kitchen table (SHE’s Maine outpost), a local cafĂ© or library where we roll up sleeves and we madly work away. I have since completed a DIY technical guide based on our partnerships with MIT, North Carolina State, and Innovation Edge. This technical guide is now being used in Rwanda to help replicate the process.
This summer I take on a great project for the health side of things. I will be splitting my time between Brunswick and NYC while I work to create an open source menstrual health and hygiene best practices resource for the launch of SHE’s new website. In Summer 2011, I worked as a sex educator in Newark, NJ and I am excited to apply my experience in creating this resource for others to use.

At SHE I am constantly learning new things and being challenged. It puts a large smile on my face knowing that I am part of an amazing global SHE team.  Knowing my time and hard work makes a difference in the life of a girl and a woman is a great feeling. Knowing that my work is being used worldwide gives me a strong sense of pride and accomplishment; I am constantly motivated by the millions of girls and women across the world who lack access to menstrual pads and lack of general knowledge. This is why I joined SHE.

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