15 Years Later

During the first week of April, Rwanda shuts down for Memorial Week to remember those who were killed during the genocide in 1994 and to say, as a country, “never again”. The theme this year was “hope”; an indication that even during a week dedicated to mourning, the country continues to look forward rather than backwards. During the week, commemorative events are held, including a candle light procession to the memorial in Kigali, and a service at the stadium in town. Music and dancing at any time are prohibited and the country takes on a definite feeling of mourning. It is a reminder to us all that while Rwanda amazes everyone with the strides it has taken to overcome its past obstacles, there is an important lesson, which is not to be forgotten, lying not far in its past. However, the word “hope” is a key message here, and one that Rwandans do not take lightly. Once the week finished, the call to go back to work was heard and the regular bustle in Kigali resumed with amazing efficiency as everyone kept their eyes on the prosperous future they so clearly want to realize.


Protopads Are In!

4:35pm April 21, 2009
Raleigh, North Carolina

We took one step forward for menstruating kind with the senior design class from North Carolina State sending through their first editions of the SHE protopad!