SHE Stands With Remembrance

Hygiene training post 16th Genocide Memorial-Rwanda

As you are all aware, the month of April in Rwanda is characterized by ‘Genocide Memories and Remembrance of our loved ones who lost their lives during this time’.
This year was the 16th year of Remembrance.

During this time, life goes on normally, but with Memories fresh in our minds, and for this particular reason, SHE stood with Rwandans in remembering the genocide victims, especially with our Community Health Workers. The period, which officially lasts for 1 week has come to an end and as usual SHE is back to Health and Hygiene training by the Community Health Workers.

The training this time round is kind of unique with two main characteristics: supervising the Training of each CHW as an individual and data collection and will last for at least 3 months.

The SHE Volunteer Interns are at it again, with very clear instructions on the importance of the data collection, which will pave way for our next actions. This data is centered on: Pilot sales of existing sanitary pads and how training of Health and Hygiene is carried out. The Data which is being collected is analyzed by our ‘M&E wizard’ on a weekly basis and we shall be communicating the outcomes. In the meantime, you will be hearing from our Volunteer interns on the individual training visits.

Watch this space.

Julian, Chief Operations Officer