Work it (Literally!) with SHE

April 31, 2010
Kigali, Rwanda

SHE would like to wish all our readers and fellows a happy Labor Day. In Rwanda the day has been celebrated in style, and by Style I do not mean anything else but that ‘Employers and employees had an afternoon of bonding’. Normally Labor day is characterized by different organizations and offices holding parties and merry making, meaning employees have a day off etc, this time I call it unique because it was ‘bonding time’.

It has been noted that labor day is about merry making and nothing is done as far as ‘labor’ is concerned and true that!, this time, employees have been instructed to sit down with their employees, share ideas and views, and try to create a relationship with their employees, something that is never the case in most working conditions, an employer is considered the BOSS and therefore not one to just bump into and speak out whatever you have on your mind.

So today afternoon (31/04/2010), all employees and their employers did sit down to a round table, this was done right before actual labour day, because this years’ falls on a Saturday. We caught the day unawares though Elizabeth and I hung out a lot last month (see picture).

In the SHE corridors, Community Health Workers have a chance to speak to masses about the health and hygiene education, to us, it's time to give out to the community what is theirs but have no access to, as we already have an employee and employer relationship that people around us envy.

On behalf of the SHE team, every employer and employee is wished health days of service.

SHE Chief of Operations